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What is Air Pollution? and it's Definition, Source, Effect, Prevention:

Air pollution: In daily life, Air is necessary for Human beings but in this time Air is highly polluted so, in other words, Air Pollution is very harmful to our human body or other living things.

What is Air Pollution? Definition, Source, Effect, Prevention

   So, In this Article, I can discuss what is Air Pollution that means Definition, Source of Air Pollution, Effect of Air Pollution ( Global warning, Greenhouse effect, Acid rain, Ozone layer ) and Prevention of Air Pollution.

What is Air Pollution?

The accumulation of harmful substance or increase in the quantity of any harmful gas in the air beyond the normal level, which affects human life and other living matter known as Air Pollution.

Main Source of Air Pollution:

There are two main Source of Air Pollution;
            1. Natural source
            2. Artificial source (Man-made source)  

(1) Natural source:

  • In natural source cattle produce Methane gas (CH4), this gas pollutes the Air.
  • During volcanic eruption smoke is produced in very Largest amount so, this smoke contains vapours, harmful gas (SO2, CO) this gases also pollutes our air or environment.
  • Low vegetation area dust particles are mixed in the air and pollute our air.

(2) Artificial source:

  • On burning fuel in our homes, there are various gases release such as CO2, CO, SO2, NO2 and water vapours.
  • In thermal power plant for produce electricity, coal burns on burning coal, various gases like CO, H2O in vapour form SO2, NO2, are released through the thermal power plant.
  • Through the vehicles various harmful gases like CO, H2O, SO2, NO2 are produced.
  • The industrial area, various harmful gases are released these gases mix in our air and pollutes the environment.
  • On burning cigarette, carbon monoxide (CO) and nicotine are produced.
  • CFC gas is Released by AC and Refrigerator.

Effects of Air pollution:

(A) Global warming:

The temperature of the earth is increased day by day this process is called Global warming. It occurs due to CO, CO2, CH4 gases are called Green House gas.

(B) Green House Effect:

Some gases like CH4, CO2, CO gas behave as a Greenhouse gas. These gases absorb the heat but do not release the heat like Greenhouse this process is known as the Greenhouse Effect. Global warming is occurred by the Green house effect.

(C) Depletion of Ozone Layer:

It is present in the stratosphere from 15 KM to 35 KM. The ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet rays which are mediated by the sun. The ozone layer is depleted by CFC gas which is related by AC and Refrigerator. This layer (Ozone layer) is formed by Ozone gas (O3). So, Depletion of the Ozone layer is the effects of Air Pollution.

(D) Acid Rain:

When SO2 and NO2 react with water then formed H2SO4 and HNO3. These acid fall down on the earth along with rain Water so, this type of rainwater is called Acid Rain.
        Acid rain contains H2SO4 and HNO3 in the largest amount. Some reaction related to acid rain such that,
         CO2 + H2O  H2CO3
         SO2 + O2 + H2O  H2SO4
         NO2 + O2 + H2 HNO3
Acid rain affected the human being, soil, plants, aquatic animal, monuments(Taj Mahal).

(E) The effect in Human being by Air pollution:

Inhalation of CO reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood which causes one can die. 
Spend particular matter (SPM) like dust particle, Cement particle, unburnt carbon particle or Nicotine are effects of a human being. SPM causes disease like Asthma, Lungs Cancer.

Prevention of Air Pollution:

  • We can discuss some point about the prevention of Air Pollution.
  • We should use eco-friendly fuel like LPG and CNG.
  • Plantation of trees on large scale.
  • Use of vehicles should be minimised.
  • We should be prohibited from smoking.
  • We should use CNG in industry and industry should be established far away from the residential area.
  • We should use solar energy, wind energy, water to generate electricity.
  • Awareness should be spread among people.

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