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How to Discover Fireworks

So friends, Today we will open up some pages of such history and know about How to Discover Fireworks and History of the Invention of Fireworks. ? What is the history behind you? So I request you to read this post from ours and simultaneously also tell us that if you like and comment this our post, we would start your post while we waste time. Something like this is our post which is a story form but it is unreadable on the true event.

How to Discover Fireworks and History of the Invention of Fireworks.

History of the Invention of Fireworks:

The colorful lightings, as well as after a variety of sweets, which doubles happiness in the occasion of Diwali, is the tire of firecrackers or the use of fireworks Only and only in Diwali, why is there any chance of victory and Jasnan incomplete without firecrackers, whether it is a marriage, a match, a movie release, or the result of the election. You must have heard that Diwali is celebrated in the enjoy of returning to Ayodhya by completing the exile of 14 years of Shri Ram ji. But but do you know when the tradition of firecrackers, when, said, why and how it started.
     So let us go on this occasion of Diwali, that the story of the firecrackers, even with changing times, the color and shape of the firecrackers have changed, but flowers and firecrackers have gone quite in every round. You will know further in this story of Pakakho that crackers on our Diwali have reached China while traveling to Italy and France. Thousands of years old people of China used to burn bamboo or boss to destroy the wild animals and evil spirits coming to the village. The boss is hollow, and between them there are gonds in the middle. As soon as the fire catches fire, the air between the two holes starts spreading in the hollow part of the air, and a bang sounded loud; and the noise of the animal ran away.

History of the Invention of Fireworks.

Later, the people of China used this unique method of Atis Baji to make every evil call on this occasion of the new year and to overcome their problems. According to the old story, the Atits Baji from the first cracker Bambu is considered to be the same. In China, for many years, Bamboo used to be used as a fire cracker during various events. When Bambo used to be like crackers, Chinese chemists tried to mix some chemicals and made such a mixture, with which there was a lot of noise when burning bosses. Something like this was that the form of fireworks discovered unknowingly in China got the modern touch. It is said in Italy that in the 13th century Italian passenger Marcopolo took some samples of this mix of China with him. After being transported to Italy, some other experiments were made on this mix, which resulted in many types of firecrackers coming out. After this, along with Italy, China, France also acquired mastery in this art of making crackers.

History of the Invention of Fireworks.

By the 1830s, the firecrackers used used to appear only white and golden light. After this, a compote of a chemical was prepared in Italy, with which the color birangi chingariya also started to emerge. Today the use of flower griha such as pomegranate, pulley and rocket is the modern form of these firecrackers. Along with the use of firecrackers, its industry has started to grow from the Sorrow. The biggest fireworks in our country india are made in Shiv Kashi city of Tamil Nadu. Fireworks used to be used in China, Italy and special occasions in France. In 1486, the anniversary of the marriage of King Henry of England was celebrated with the launch of a firecracker. 
    The king of England, King Chasse Dusseye, had given a furore to the soldiers of the army so that the war could be celebrated with fireworks. Apart from this, in the july 1777, the celebration of the freedom of America was celebrated very much; Slowly the crackers went on becoming an important part of every ritual festival and Jasn. There is a tradition of burning firecrackers in Diwali, especially in India. Children young people old people run firecrackers on this occasion. Friends, are you ready to burn firecrackers on the occasion of Diwali, then you will surely take care of your safety. And burn the firecrackers with caution. As well as another thing, you want to tell the lesser the firecracker that you can use as much as possible, keeping in mind the pollution. On this occasion of Diwali, all the best wishes of Diwali to everyone on our behalf.

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