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What is charge ? and also described properties of charge by Fast2study

Charge: Charge is the property of matter where it has more or fewer electrons than protons in its atoms. Or, 
                    It is the fundamental property of body by which it intersects with another charge  body by force called Electromagnetic force.
What is charge

Types of Charge:-

(1) Positive Charge
(2) Negative Charge

Unit of charge:-

◆S.I unit is A.S = 1C (columb)
◆CGS unit ~ esu u of charge or, emu of charge.
◆1C = (3×10^9) esu = (1/10) emu
【emu is a small unit of charge】
◆emu/esu = (3×10^10) = (3×10^8) in S.I unit.
◆Symbol:- q, Q 
◆Dimension:- [ AT ]

Properties of charge:-

【1】 Minimum charge which can exist  freely in nature is called electronic charge  charge (e).
             e = (1.67×10^-19) C
But, +e/3  and charge are also found in quarkes but they cannot exist freely in nature.
Charge on electron = -e
Charge on proton = +e
Charge on alpha-particle (He^+2) = +2e
Highest Unit of charge = 1Faraday = 96500 C.
【2】 A body get charged by transfer of electron.
What is charge

【3】 charge cannot exist without mass but a body may have mass and zero net charge.
【 protons can not be charge as their rest mass in zero 】

Quantization of charge:-

Charge on a body existing freely in nature in always integrats multiple of electronic charge and this is called quantization of charge.
                    θ = +,- Ne
Where, N = integer

Conservation of charge:-

●Net charge on the universe remains constant or,
●Total charge of reactant must be equal to total charge of product 
●charge is relativelysticly in dependent. 
that means, charge on a body does not depends on its speed but mass depends on speed.
What is charge

●Charge is a scalar and additive.
●Like charges repel and unlike charges attract each other.

Method of Charging:-

●Charging by Conduction:-
 ●Charging by Friction:
when two bodies are rubbed to each other then transfer of electrons taken place between them and theirfore they get charged charging by this method is ●charging by friction 
●Charging by Induction

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