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What is Charge ? and it's Properties.

What is Charge ? 

The internal properties of body by which electric field produce around it is called charge.
What is Charge ? and it's Properties

Some Important Point:

It is it is denoted by Q or q.
Its S.I unit is coulomb (C) or  Ampere second.
Its CGS unit is  e.s.u.
Its dimension is 【Q】or【AT】.
It is a scalar quantity.
Charge is  measured by "Gold leaf electroscope".
The bigger unit of charge is 'Friday'.

          1 F = 9 6500 coulomb

➤The smallest unit of charge is e.s.u 【electrostatic unit】.

1 absolute coulomb = 3×109 stat C or esu
1 c charge = approx 6.24 x 1018 e, or  6.24 quintillion.

Charge is a conservative quality that means it can not be creat nor destroyed but it is transfer from one object to another. (Conservation of electric charge).
Mass exist without charge But charge can not exist without mass.
Like charges repel and unlike charges attract to each other as well as any charge particle attract to any uncharged particle.
If charge is in rest create electric and gravitational effect and if charge is in motion creates electric, magnetic and gravitational effect.
Accelerated Charge create energy.
Charge is integer multiple of number of electron and charge of one electron that is; (Quantum nature of charge) .
             [ Q = +,- n.e ]

        e = -1.602×10−19 C

-ve sign so that nature of charge.
n = number of electron.
e = charge of one electron.
Q = charge.
Charge cannot be depend on velocity.
Charge always obtain in quantised  that is not obtain in fraction.
Electric charge additive  that is total charge is the algebric sum of the indivisible charge.
Charge is produced  on the body due to follow of electron.

There are two types of charge:-

(1) positive charge.  [+ve]
(2) Negative charge.  [-ve]
【1】 Positive charge:-
The body which have number of proton is greater than number of electron then charge of body is called positive charge.
example:- Glass rod, Woolen cloth, Dry hair.
【2】 Negative charge:-
The body which have number of proton is less than number of electron then  charge of body is called negative charge. 
example:- Silk, Cloth, Comb, Rubber shoes.
What is Charge ? and it's Properties

Methods of producing of Charge. 

◆Friction Method:- 
When an object is charged by the rubbing of materials ( silk, fur, wollen ), this method of charging is called friction .
◆Conduction Method:- 
The charging of a body by direct contact with a charged body is called conduction.
◆Induction Method:- 
Charging a body by bringing a charged body near it, is called induction.

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