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What is IIT ? And How To Prepare IIT Entrance Examation by Fast2study

What is the IIT and how to prepare IIT Entrance Examation So,

 Hello Friends My name is Chandan kumar and welcome to this website My Daily Support. Friends, today we are going to talk in this post what is IIT ? What is the full form of IIT ? How is it prepared, and how does it have to be done ? If its fee say, how much does it cost ? Who is famous  coaching for preparation of IIT and how is it examined ? How are online exams done ? Friends, all these questions will be answered in this post. If you want to know the answer to all these questions, then definitely read this post and understand it properly.
What is IIT ? And How To Prepare IIT Entrance Examation

What is the full form of IIT?

First of all, let the friends know that the full form of IIT is - Indian Institute of Technology.
     Friends, IIT for those students who want to become an Engineer. IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology ) is one of the premier educational institutions of India. Its preparation is of two years. If you can not even get ready for two years, you get a year and a chance. In India, for the first time IIT Higher Education was established by Jogendra Singh in 1946. Later that institution, in the year 1950, it was founded in India, at first place Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in India. After the establishment in Kharagpur, the IIT colleges are gradually opened in many more cities of India.

The top ten institute of IIT in India are as Follows:

IIT Kanpur
IIT Mumbai
IIT Delhi
IIT Rudki
IIT Chennai
ISM Dhanbad
IIT BHU  (Varanasi)
IIT Bhuvneshwar
IIT Guwahati
IIT Patna
IIT Rajasthan
IIT Ropad
IIT Indore
IIT Hyderabad
IIT Kharagpur

How to prepare for the IIT Entrance Examination:

It is the very top of most Main Topics or how to prepare for preparing for the IIT's preparation. Let us tell you that no one can test the success without preparing for the test. To achieve success in any exam, it is very important to build strategies and to rely on yourself. If preparing for any exam is prepared with full preparation, then it becomes an opportunity for success. Therefore, when we have to do something in studies, it is necessary to concentrate in doing good studies in our courses from the beginning. Friends will tell you that for the preparation of IIT, you have to take admission in any of the best coaching. And when you pass 10th, you have to take admission. You have to read three subjects properly to prepare for this.
What is IIT
There are three topics as Follows:

You should have a very fine command on these three subjects. So your good practice and hold in these subjects can be a good opportunity for the IIT Entrance Examination. When you are preparing for IIT, you have to prepare for the 12th class, for that you should get ready from the beginning. For your information, what you are reading in IIT, the same is also the 12th board of the syllabus. Whether you are from CBSE or Bihar Board or any other board.
The Most important thing to Read is How many hours to Remove IIT:
So my friends should read me at least 10-12 hours. If you can read more than this then it is even better. Let the student know that the first, second rank, the student reads at least 14-16 hours. If you have to leave an IIT, then you will have to read.
How Much does it Cost to Study:
If you go to Kota, Rajasthan then at least the salana will take you 1 lakh. So assure yourself that if you are stressed only for par year 1 lakh and living expenses, then at 1.6 million and 3.2 years for two years. If you read in local states such as patna, Lucknow etc. then you will be in two lakhs of two years, take everything and eat and live.
Almost all of them told me the information related to the IIT but now you will tell us how the exam is done.
How is its examination?
The examination of IIT that occurs twice When you first give exams, it is "Mains". If you pass the Mains, you will have to take one more time again and it is "Advance". If you take advance also, you can take admission in IIT College. Suppose you can remove the Mains and if you can not get Advance then you can prepare for a year again. If not, then you can take Mains and take Edmisson at NIT College too. Now let us tell you about NIT, you must have started thinking that what is the NIT 【National Institutes of Technology】.
          Suppose you gave the examination of the Mains and your number got well in it and when you passed the exam then you can get NIT college if it does not get passed. NIT comes on a slightly lower ranking than IIT. You can also become a good engineer by doing NIT and earn a decent amount.

Along with this, I am going to tell you some other things which are written Below:

【1】 For the IIT JEE - Joint Entrance Examination, it is necessary to pass the XII examination and it is mandatory for the educational qualification of the student of the IIT Entrance Examination to be less than 60% in the 12th standard Can apply.

【2】  When you are preparing, take yourself a test and solve the model paper with complete sincerity at the appointed time and also observe yourself how accurate you are.

【3】 After the amendment in 2013, the IIT entrance examination has begun in two phases, the first man and the second advance. The first application for the IIT entrance examination is the student application, then the students who are successful in it get an opportunity to join the Advanced Exam and then after passing the Advanced Examination, in B.Tech for graduation level studies.

【4】 Friends, according to the new rule 2018-2019, you have to give the exam only online. First you could also give offline (ofline) examination but now it is not so.

If you have any questions related to it, then ask all of you in the comments box below, ask us how to do this in our post How to Prepare IIT Entrance Examination.
Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

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